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My yoga therapy practice is a style of healing that is rooted in my last 12 years of personal study & classroom experience. My goal is always to empower my clients and continue to support them through my results-based therapy practice.

*** All services listed below are provided in three options on an international level as scheduled in advance :

• One-on-one therapy session packages
(3 hours of therapy per session)
- 2 hours of bodywork and 1 hour of discussion about desired goal and what tools will allow the reaching of that goal. The first session ending with a regimen to follow.

• Group self-care workshops (2 days)
- Day 1 is a self-care instructional workshop themed around clientʼs specific request of focus. Day 2 is individual 45 minute analysis and remedial yoga body work adjustment.

• Virtual session packages (45 minutes or longer as requested)
- A series of discussions that are based around coaching through all possibilities to reach desired health goal. This ranges from mapping out an agenda, reviewing previous existing conditions, walking through personal weaknesses and methods to overcome them, and creating a consistent regimen and system of accountability.

  • Surgery Prevention

    Losing the ability to move our bodies freely as we want is not generally in our life plan of growing old. We can receive a serious diagnosis and next thing we know our life plan is filled with worry & doubt about consequences if action is taken or not. However, the solution to this is closer than you think!

    It lies in nature, using its tools and healing gradually naturally.

    Common Surgeries Performed: Hip and knee replacement, Meniscus repair, Hysterectomy and ovarian cyst removal.

  • Anti Aging - Youth Revitalization

    The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
    Diplomat and Activist - Eleanor Roosevelt

    A new dream of youth in the now is right around the summit. This summit is called Energy and Vitality! At the peak, we can attain more than what we've imagined. The hike is one to be proceeded gradually and consistently with an open mind, the right routine, and a willing heart.

    We can leave the concept of age in the dust and live a life of exploring and growing limitlessly.

    Common Ailments: Poor blood circulation, Early signs of mental illness, Chronic body pain or fatigue.

  • Triumph over Emotional Trauma

    Fear, anxiety, anger, apathy ,sadness, despair and other unwanted emotions can root themselves deeply in the body. This can later cause triggers such as fear of building new relationships, trust issues, unconscious dependency on others, resentment, and much more. However, our emotional dialogue is the key to removing these moments that have been stored up in the body in the form of stress. In yoga these are called Samskars.

    By releasing these and consciously approaching them, we discover a life of being at peace with our past. We can then walk towards a hopeful future created and tailored by us where we decide how to act instead of reacting to the world.

    Common Ailments: Toxic relationships, Substance abuse, Unresolved Childhood trauma, Social Anxiety

  • Disease and Chronic Ailment Relief

    Being stuck with prescriptions for years on end or watching a loved one struggle with their health is not the way most of us want to live the rest of our lives.

    Wakeup call !!!

    We can heal ourselves without these pills. The rule of thumb to remember is there is no middle ground. A body is either going towards health or away from it. It is our positive efforts that are the seeds to its grounding. In order to build a lifestyle towards recovery a daily routine of nutrition, yoga, hydration of the cells, and more are needed. These are the some of the tools that will be used to build a new you.

    We take action everyday. What is your next move?

    Commonly named Dis-Ease's: Diabetes, Arthritis, Asthma, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Cancer and infections of all types.

  • Building a Lifestyle That Matters

    A passion on the right track in the wrong direction can be very much like a hamster wheel - feeling the intensity but not seeing results. Your willpower just needs a nudge in the right direction.

    The path to success is to reduce the elements in your life that are of little benefit and implement practices that will be highly beneficial. Supplementing with nutrition and creating a routine to bring proper blood flow throughout the body will improve balance to your daily efforts.

    This will allow the idea to root more thoroughly in your mind that sustaining a healthy lifestyle is possible after-all! It will all align to who you envision yourself to be.
    Common Symptoms of Conflict: Following a recommended diet but not getting the same results as others, Slower progression than expected, Working weeks on end with little or no results on the weight scale

  • Spiritual Upliftment

    Losing your way, lacking passion, having an undesirable passive lifestyle, intermittent depression, social anxiety, career transitioning, or even post breakup emotions that have lasted longer than it should can make you feel like your stuck in a position that is not satisfying and difficult to get out of. Living life inside your head instead of experiencing life is not on most of our bucket lists.
    Discovering a way to create a desired change is doable. It all starts with finding a balance with your internal dialogue. Then you can continue on to developing a routine that aids in transitioning your lifestyle in a positive and meaningful way.

    You are already one step closer. The lifestyle of fulfillment that you want is at your fingertips.

    Common Conditions: Depression, Feeling of a mid-life crisis, Lack of satisfaction with your profession or relationships, Lethargy or feelings of being alone.

  • *Expressive Alchemical Dance*

    Dance as an outlet for emotional expression has been something that the daring have partaken in for ages. However, dance is often overlooked for its positive constructive qualities. It is an extremely useful tool to open the realm of emotion and tap into the psyche to experince life deeper. By setting oneʼs intention on uninhibited release and allowing emotions to be in command, the body can begin to increase awareness and explore the subtle relationship that exists between it and oneʼs mental world.

    Learning how to dance reintroduces a newfound sense of freedom that was once abandoned in our childhood. This aids in prematurely releasing what emotions are wound up and furthering internal investigation to find closure and eventually discovering an inner depth of oneself. Dancing with intention is a habitual discovery that our emotions seek to gain growth. After 20 years of my own exploration and discovery, I share it with the world from a non-studio and medicinal perspective.

    Common Seekers of Expression: Classically trained yet emotionally disconnected performers, Dancers who have used dance as therapy but not as medicine, Those who seek to explore but do not know how, Shy or timid individuals

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How it Works

The primary modalities that are used in my practice to aid clients in their sessions are:

  • Yoga Body work (massage)
    <span style="color:rgba(255, 255, 255, 1)">Yoga Body work</span>

    This is a video of my yoga body work practice.

  • Yoga Sequence (customized)

    A custom yoga sequence that is designed for developing a steady foundation of growth and progressing towards oneʼs goals.

  • Alkaline Nutrition Guidance (digestion balancing)

    Digestion is key in accelerating internal and external growth of all types. When proceeding down the path to self healing and improvement, a consistent supply of nutrients is vital. The journey does not have to be a mystery at all but a means of discovery.

  • Breathing (oxygen intake)

    Oxygen is the main tool to getting results from the body, especially in reducing and eventually removing stored oxidative stress. All processes and roads lead back to this concept for sustainable results. With diligence, conditioning, and consistency even the most troubling conditions can start to reverse.

  • Hydration (water consumption)

    Consumption of water is vital to nutrient activation and enlivening areas in the body that begin to "dry up". Since 60% of the body is made of water, we must constantly replenish it to remain healthy. Dehydrated cells underperform and thus so does the body.

  • Mental Mastery ( key to your dreams)

    Far from esoteric in nature, mentality is the key that will allow emotional growth and thus your spirit reaps the most benefits. The subconscious is the foundation that all actions are painted on over and over and alas always leading the way. This can lead to ruin, pain, disadvantage, and struggle or can open the doors wide for hope, success, greatness of oneʼs most honest self, and a life worth living. Staying practical and open for change will allow for great achievements.

About Yoga Therapy
Unlocking Humanity’s Potential

My yoga therapy practice is a style of healing that is rooted in my last 12 years of personal study & classroom experience.
The goal of my practice is provide a variety of methodologies to improve and facilitate oxygen in the body.
The more oxygen in the body, the more opportunity for the body to perform at its highest optimal level.
Furthermore, the sooner the body has the oxygen it needs, positive changes begin to happen. It starts on a cellular level to a more physically noticeable one. The pain begins to subside, tension releases, self confidence improves along with mood, a boost in blood flow and circulation, and then gradual recovery from physical ailments.

Hello, my name is Psusennes.
This is my story...

I began my Yoga Therapy journey 12 years ago starting with my initial massage training. A couple years later, my personal journey extended to the study of Yoga in which I have received two certifications along the way. I have acquired and built a lifestyle of self discovery, self study, spiritual body awareness and natural recovery.

Having suffered from childhood asthma and arthritis, I was able to overcome both through natural therapeutic processes. I have experienced firsthand the challenges of coping with deaths of family & friends due to illnesses which has fueled my growing aspiration to heal the world.

Some of my biggest inspirations to date are: Jiddu Krishnamurti, Arnold Ehret, Master Cheng Yen of Tzu Chi, and the late Dr.Sebi. I highly reference, study, and apply the concepts and influences of:

  • Yoga Samskar's (deep impressions/muscle memories)
  • Yoga PranaYam (Yogi breathing techniques)
  • Manipulative Osteopathic medicine
  • Acupressure of TCM & The Traditional Chinese Medicine - Meridian philosophy
  • The potential of the body's growth through Yoga consistency
  • Proper nutritional intake & hydration for optimal output of the body.
  • Dr. Sebi's African Bio Mineral Balance
  • Bringing the mind as a priority of self control before healing can truly happen on a physical level
  • Rebuilding a damaged immune system
  • Arnold Ehret's philosophy of Rational Fasting

I, Psusennes, look at the world's problems with a can do attitude and train my mind daily to discover new practical possibilities in areas of community and worldly needs.

Pain Solutions NYC is a yoga therapy business by Psusennes.

Take a deeper look into the roots of my yoga therapy practice from the beginning. These are the people, ideologies and techniques that are the core of my practice.

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